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We love good materials and the best craftmanship!

In our daily work with our horses, we rely on professional equipment and selected suppliers and products. One result of our experience from years of horse training is to only work with the best products on the horse - and our horses don't deserved anything else.

So as a specialist for classic Iberian riding accessories, on the one hand we work closely with well-known manufacturers and sales partners, but on the other hand we also have our own products manufactured in factories in Portugal.

We are happy to present you some of these products here!

Angebot des Monats!


Die eckigen Schnallen in Messing oder Silber sind charakteristisch für die Zügel LISSABON. 

Das hochwertige Leder liegt geschmeidig in der Hand und ist an beiden Zügelenden mit einer Naht geschlossen. Die Gesamtlänge von 2,9 m eignet sich für alle Pferdegrößen. 

Erhältlich in den Farber: schwarz | braun | havanna | cognac



Nur im Oktober für 39,-€ statt 47,-€


Official distribution partner

We are official distribution partner of DEUBER & PARTNER, ZALDI and CHRIST.


Saddles and accessories for highest demands

Baroque saddles by DEUBER & PARTNER impress with their extraordinary design and functionality. Thanks to the high quality finish, the large contact surface allows for an optimal fit. The weight of the rider is optimally distributed on the horse's back, which allows for a healthy ride. The sensitive and delicate back of the horse is ideally wrapped and thus protected in the best possible way. The horse maintains its natural swing and comes into a favourable upright position. In balance it reacts best to fine aids.

The equipment of the baroque saddles includes the Ultra-Flex tree made of plastic. All saddles are also available with a saddle tree made of leather. An outstanding feature of the Deuber saddles is the optionally available infinitely adjustable chamber width. The baroque line is particularly suitable for classical riding. The baroque saddles by DEUBER & PARTNER are preferably used on the training horses of the equi-art.

This is why we have decided to dedicate a special place in our range of saddles, snaffles, saddle pads and cavesson to the products of DEUBER & PARTNER as a specialist dealer in classic Iberian riding accessories.

Saddle consultation

Get to know the perfect saddle for Iberian horses and the classical art of riding with us. Many of the saddles sold by us can be tried out on site during a riding lesson. This will give you the opportunity to feel which saddle suits you and your horse best. We will be happy to advise you in detail about the various advantages of the saddles. Please make an appointment for a → saddle consultation.


Spanish saddler craft for generations

The ZALDI brand is a traditional Spanish brand. For many generations, the ZALDI company near Salamanca has been manufacturing Iberian riding accessories, especially saddles. ZALDI's basis is the old art of saddlery and the processing of the best leathers, as well as research and development over the years in the service of international equestrian sport.

ZALDI has been a partner of the Spanish national teams for many years.

What inspires us at ZALDI is, on the one hand, the wide range of products and, on the other, the high standards of quality and Iberian design.

This is why ZALDI is an absolute must for a specialist dealer in classic Iberian riding accessories.


The perfect match

Lambskin products from CHRIST are the perfect match for the Baroque saddles from DEUBER & PARTNER.

Many of CHRIST's products are specially developed for DEUBER & PARTNER. In addition, we offer you a selection of products which have proved themselves in the everyday life of our training and apprenticeship company absolutely from the Christ HorseDream product line. As a specialist dealer for classic Iberian riding accessories, you are welcome to find out more about the various lambskin products directly on site and to get to know and try them out.